Our investment management service proposition

Our service propositions are designed to help wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs preserve the true value of their hard earned cash.

Wealth preservation is at the core of what we do planning for expenditure and maintaining the value of your investment portfolio over the long term ensuring you pass a legacy to your next of kin not a liability.

All our propositions are developed using evidence based research using academic studies provided by world leading economists, academics and Nobel prize winning contributors, these are individuals that literally have changed the way the world invests its money. We take all this academic research and boil it down to provide you with a workable investment strategy and combine this approach with a personal, readily accessible wealth manager who is available for you, who works for you.

The process to become a client of Spectrum Wealth Management is very simple but purposefully rigorous for your benefit.


We invite you to call us at your leisure we will have an initial conversation to discuss what you are looking to achieve to ascertain whether we are suitable for you, a short application form is completed asking for some basic details this helps us give you an honest answer as to whether we are well placed to deliver on your expectations.

Initial Consultation

Entirely at our expense and with no commitment we will meet with you to discuss our service propositions and establish the most appropriate solution for you. We will discuss costs of our services and agree the service levels you require.

Exploratory Meeting & Data Gathering

If you decide to engage our services, we will need to gather as much information as possible about your current financial arrangements and personal circumstances, as well as your attitude to investment risks.
This often involves us contacting existing providers of your plans and policies to obtain up to date information on valuations, terms and conditions and benefits this will help place us in an informed position.

Our discussions are confidential and discrete but they do provide us with valuable insight into your goals and the direction you wish to take, this helps us provide a bespoke financial plan designed to illustrate how you can achieve your goals.


This part of the process is conducted in your absence when we have obtained all the information from the current providers.Analysis of data we gather enables us to evaluate whether your assets are working to meet your goals. As part of this process, we examine the taxation and other implications when considering whether alterations to your existing arrangements are appropriate.

This area is where significant value is added, it is difficult to quantify how valuable this analysis can be if we could, we would sit you down with us and go through this section with you in detail but we suspect you have more enjoyable pursuits in mind. We certainly do not approach this as a tyre kicking exercise we do a complete strip down and full restoration to get a full and complete understanding of your assets.


This meeting will provide you with a clear view of how effectively your current arrangements are likely to obtain your goals and financial milestones. Our discussion will establish both the potential for making changes if relevant and improvements needed to deliver your goals.

We will communicate with you how each solution works for you and how it delivers the desired outcome, discussing your commitment and also the tax position.

Ongoing Monitoring & Review

After we have provided you with our advice and implemented our solutions we do not desert you we are always available we want you to view us as a financial partner with your interests integral to your strategy.

We believe regular review meetings are the only way we can keep each other up to date with developments in your circumstances and other factors influencing the progress and performance of your plans. In between meetings you will have access to your wealth manager whenever you need them. We will also make contact with you to keep you up to date and informed on changes that could impact your goals.

The importance of a review and general guidance from your wealth manager cannot be underestimated we believe the ingredients for successful investing are simple they involve diversification, your strategy provides this, we believe you should be cost conscious something we have built already into your strategy the final and often most important ingredient is discipline this is provided by the ongoing monitoring and review service. From time to time markets have “wobbles” some more significant that others this is where investment discipline is needed and we avail ourselves to you so that discipline is maintained for your benefit.