Family wealth office services – Trusted financial advice

The family wealth proposition is designed so that wealth is kept within the family with clear lines of communication working harmoniously alongside your existing professional advisors.

We can provide generational financial planning and provide holistic financial advice to your family to achieve long term and lasting success.

The family wealth proposition is a subscription proposition meaning we offer exclusive access to a limited number of client families and we will require a short application to be completed before your inclusion on the proposition can be confirmed.

As the architects of your family wealth office we have the expertise and knowledge to help your family obtain their goals, we do not under estimate how important a decision like this will be for you but we welcome your call to discuss if we are a good fit for you and your family.

We are currently seeking client families to complete our family wealth office subscription and welcome your call.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us preserve our wealth for our children and grandchildren?

This is the core of our specialisms we manage investment portfolios for clients’ families to preserve the families wealth and manage the effects of inflation and taxation which can often undermine the assets you have built up.

We can also through the use of trusts ensure that assets are retained within the family and can mitigate the financial impact of long term care costs, insolvency and divorce.

Under the family wealth office we can manage the assets of your entire family including investments such as individual savings accounts (ISA), investment bonds, investment trusts, exchange traded funds, offshore investments as well as personal pension schemes.

We know we have a significant inheritance tax liability and would like to reduce this, is it possible to do so?

Yes in many cases inheritance tax mitigation can be achieved either through the use of trusts, whole of life assurance policies, gifts and even investments that provide business property relief.

There are numerous different methods available to mitigate your inheritance tax liability which ones are suitable to achieve the best outcome depends on your circumstances and ultimately your intentions either way we have significant experience in this area and will be happy to help.

We are concerned that our children and grandchildren will squander their inheritance. Can you help us ensure this doesn't happen?

There are no guarantees after all when you pass your estate to your children it becomes legally theirs to do whatever they wish with. However we are well placed to educate and help your children and grandchildren understand the magnitude of the legacy that will be left for them.

In fact including your next of kin in discussions around the family wealth office goes a long way to help all parties understand their responsibility to future generations.

When a multi-generational family wealth office is constructed all members have an interest in the success of each party the wealth of the family becomes paramount and keeping the wealth within the family becomes the critical focus with all parties including your financial partner, us.

We would like to provide for our grandchildren's education but we do not want to give them significant assets right now and we would ideally like to retain control over the assets, is this possible?

Indeed it is and given the funds could be significant it is probably a wise decision to retain as much control as possible. The use of trusts can be vital in retaining control for your intended beneficiaries.

By using certain investments such as offshore investment bonds in this situation you can also take advantage of the child’s tax status.

We are interested in centralising our investments and goals as a family is this essentially what a family wealth office is?

We could not have put it better ourselves, yes it centralises all relevant members of a families investments including individual savings accounts (ISA), investment bonds, investment trusts, exchange traded funds, offshore investments, personal pensions and self-invested personal pensions.

We review all these assets and determine a strategy using all available assets to further benefit your family preserving the family’s wealth and mitigating tax liabilities as part of the wider strategy.

We often find with a single line of communication this can reduce significantly time and costs when dealing with the suite of professional advisors that many wealthy families accumulate over the generations.