Wealth management – independent financial advice

The private client service is an exclusive service designed for clients who have significant assets who would prefer an expert to manage their investment objectives for them.

As part of our service we provide a robust investment offering, using sophisticated strategies and access to a broad range of asset classes’ aligned to your goals. Including around the clock internet access to your investment portfolio, unparalleled access to your expert wealth planner this unique service can energise your investment strategy.

We operate an application process this is to ensure we continue to offer the highest service standards to our existing clients. Application is very straightforward we provide a simple questionnaire that helps us determine if you will benefit from our service and receive the value you need.

Our client subscription is currently open to new clients and we would very much like to discuss with you how we can help you achieve your goals.


Require more information on the above services? Click here to contact us, alternatively, you may also find our FAQ section below useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What investments do you consider to qualify for the private client service?

Being Independent Financial Advisers we consider all varieties of retail investment products, including investment portfolios comprising collective investments, investment trusts, investment bonds, pensions as well as self-invested personal pensions and cash deposits.

Because we are independent financial advisers we are also able to discuss more esoteric forms of investments such as venture capital trusts (VCTs) and enterprise investment schemes (EIS).

We can also help with physical commercial property that is being held in a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) or small self-administered scheme (SSAS) or any other pension scheme that allows for such investments.

Why should I become a client of Spectrum Wealth Management, I can just speak to anyone can't I?

You are quite right you can speak to any qualified financial advisor, however we would encourage you to ask about the approach an advisor will take with your investment portfolio the philosophy is critical as well as obtaining the right service standards so that you can rely on the advisor to deliver your expectations.

Also consider the type of advisor you are dealing with as you may speak to a restricted advisor, discretionary wealth manager or private banker meaning they are only able to offer advice on a limited range of products possibly from a single provider may be even just their own products which is possibly the case for discretionary wealth managers and private bankers.

We would also suggest you consider where the advisor has positioned themselves in the advice community as the vast majority of advisors are generalists not really specialising in any particular field. We would suggest that a specialist would be the best to deliver on your specific needs and objectives a generalist who claims they specialise in every area is misguided as the subject material is far too diverse to specialise in every area of financial advice.

Spectrum Wealth Management are specialist investment advisors for wealthy individuals, wealthy families and entrepreneurs. We are highly qualified wealth managers who use a tried, tested and trusted approach to our clients’ investment portfolios all our dealings with our clients are clear, confidential and discreet as well as highly professional.

Can I reduce my tax bill?

Yes generally you can reduce your tax bill as part of the private client service we actively seek methods of using tax allowances and different tax structures to improve your tax situation.

We seek to use allowances such as your individual savings account allowances (ISA), offshore investments, offshore bonds; self-invested personal pensions as well as if appropriate more esoteric investments such as venture capital trusts (VCTs) and enterprise investment schemes (EIS).

We also can provide advice on appropriate trusts to mitigate inheritance tax liabilities and ensure your estate planning strategies are both viable and up to date.

We often discover there are in-direct benefits of working with us as we are happy to provide your tax professional with up to date tax records and advise them on the tax position of your portfolio. This often leads to significant time and cost reductions for both you and your tax professional.

How much do I need to invest?

When setting up our private client service proposition we considered at what level of assets we start to offer the best value and concluded this is around the £0.5m mark. This is however not a prescriptive limit and we do see clients who we can add significant value to below this threshold.

The private client service considers assets held in individual savings accounts (ISA), investment bonds, offshore investments, stakeholder pensions, personal pensions and self-invested pensions (SIPPs) as well as cash deposits so the vast majority of people have significant assets spread out over several different types of accounts so adding value is achievable for almost any client.

Why do I need to fill in an application form?

The application process is a very easy form to complete in fact we usually complete the application over the phone or by email and comprises around ten straightforward questions. The application is designed to benefit you and existing clients on the service proposition, we want to make sure you will genuinely benefit from our service proposition whilst also your inclusion does not diminish the service levels we provide existing clients.

If you are turned down for the private client service proposition this does not mean we cannot help you, it means we are being honest with you and want to ensure you are being treated fairly. We can however discuss one of our alternative service propositions which may be better placed to deliver on your needs.